Love marine life? You are not alone in this and it can truly be an eye opening experience to get up close and personal with some of the world’s most beautiful and exotic marine life. Australia is truly one of the very best locations in the world when it comes to learning about marine wildlife. What’s more, if you want to explore the marine life in close detail, there are some stunning locations in Sydney to enjoy. The following are just five top marine sites in Sydney you might want to consider checking out today.

The Oak Park Pool

Despite its name, you can see a lot of marine life here. Oak Park Pool offers lots of opportunities for snorkelersto get up close to crayfish and even groper and cuttlefish. The marine life here is friendly and that is very reassuring to say the least. Oak Park Pool is wonderful and there are so many amazing little creatures to examine. You have so much to explore and there will be many like you viewing all the marine life here.

Clovelly Beach

If you are heading here, you should think about going out with a team of professionals. Clovelly Beach is lovely and you can explore a lot of marine life here too. However, you can see lots of schooling fish, moray eels and much more marine life. There is so much to see here and you will love how amazing it really is. You will love this ideal hotspot and it’s one to enjoy even if you aren’t going exclusively for the marine life. view more from

Bare Island

Now, one of the most stunning locations in Sydney has to be Bare Island. This is truly a wonderful location when you want to explore the marine wild life and you are going to love it from shore and on the ocean waves. The Island is also a fortress and it’s really able to offer a lot of amazing options for those wanting to get up close and personal with the marine life. You can get snorkelling here and you are sure to see sea snails or nudibranchs and turtles, and surrounding reefs.

Shelly Beach

marine lifeShell Beach is truly beautiful. This is the most protected spot for marine life in Australia and it’s very safe too. If you are planning on exploring the marine life by going snorkelling you should keep the right side of the beach as you can see the reef up close. What’s more, there is lots of marine life to see and when the water is clear, it’ll be fantastic. You will love Shelly Beach and all it has to offer.

Botany Bay National Park

Botany Bay is where the famous Captain Cook landed (which is why it’s also known as Captain Cook’s landing) and it truly is a gorgeous location. Here, you can view lots of marine life at its best and it’s such a beautiful location. If you wanted to, you could go snorkelling here to explore the marine life in full. This is a great site to learn about marine life and see it in all its glory.

Explore Marine Life in Full

Sometimes we don’t always get the opportunity to view the marine life in all its glory and it’s a real shame. However, Australia has some amazing locations to try and Sydney is truly the ideal spot for you. There are lots of amazing destinations to visit and you are sure to love the sight of the marine life. You are going to enjoy Sydney and the marine wildlife.